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Why Role-Playing Will Help Your Witness

I would have given this guy a lot more credibility if he could have reduced the anger in his rhetoric and then very precisely communicated the best reasons for the deity of Jesus. I would have at least known that he has understood, not just heard with his ears, but understood with his mind the top reasons I believe Jesus to be God.

This man could have then said, “Tim, does this sound like what you teach people about the deity of Christ? If so, can I now share with you why I still believe Jesus is not God?” I would have been much more receptive to hear his position knowing that he understood my views on Jesus.

Role-Playing for Jesus can be helpful on two fronts.

First, do you know why some people around you hate God?

Or perhaps why some people might be filled with anger as they drive by your church? Do you have a good understanding of why some people think you are a bigoted quack? Can you list off their top five reasons?

A postmodern person generally wants to know you authentically care and understand them before they have ears to hear anything authoritative from you. Don’t just try to get into their shoes for the fun of it, but genuinely role-play for Jesus. If you can really understand their position, you have a good chance to really help lead them to Jesus.

Second, ask those attacking your faith to jump into your shoes.

If they are unable to even imagine why you might believe what you believe, then the door may be open to speak to curious ears. Many times, we speak before people are ready for us to speak. If someone says to you, “I think the Bible is full of errors and I don’t believe in magic books,” and you respond by asking them to do a bit of fun role-playing by trying to list off some reasons I might think it is true, then a helpful interaction is now forming. If they say there are no reasons, then the door is open to ask if you could share a few reasons. You can then share how you still have a brain in your head and also believe the Bible to be accurate words from God.

What do you think about Role-Playing for Jesus?  

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