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I’m Looking for the Perfect Church: It Only Has to Be Relevant, Modern, Traditional, Always Friendly …

Every pastor has eventually disappointed me

I like the music in some of them, but my kids don’t—or vice-versa

Some of them have very nice facilities, but they still have mortgages.

In the ideal church, the bills are always paid—but no request for finances is ever made, and we want a nice church to go to that doesn’t use our money to pay for the chair we sit in, the roof we sit under, the air that cools or heats us, the water that flushes behind us, or the sink we washed our hands in. We don’t want to pay for the carpet we walked on into the sanctuary we worshipped in, or have to give our hard-earned dollars just to have a place to park our car—but we do expect plenty of parking when we’re able to make it.

Most of the churches don’t have the kinds of activities we really want. Several of them have suggested that we start them!

Excuse me!? If they were ideal churches, they’d already have thought of it. Am I right? These churches don’t understand how busy people are these days.

And most of the people in the churches around here are not very nice. We have yet to really find a truly friendly church.

Most of them are either too dead or too crazy for our taste.

They’re either too small or too large or too busy or too simple or too spiritual or not spiritual enough.

It’s frustrating looking for the ideal church—but I’m sure I’ll find one some day.

I’m sure my list of ideals is right on. On those things I will not waver.

I just don’t think it would please the Lord if I looked for anything other than an ideal church.