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Real Talk from the Church Planting Front Lines—10 Do-Overs

9. I would have partnered with a church that had a real vision to plant churches. 

I can’t stress how important this is. There is a big difference between a supporting church and a sending church.

A supporting church keeps you afloat, a sending church buys you the boat!

You need a church behind you that’s all in. If you fail, they fail; if you succeed, they succeed.

There are many ways to approach partnership, but your sending church should have a vision and proven strategy to plant churches.

10. I would have asked my wife more questions. 

Amy has been a constant supporter of me the last 22 years of our marriage and 20 years in ministry. There is no way anyone can last in ministry without a spouse who is called to ministry.

Somehow I think I took on more responsibility than was required. I should have shared more of it with her.

Not that I didn’t include her, but I think when things got tough I isolated myself and tried to do it all by myself “come hell or high water.”

Pride doesn’t always boast and shout; sometimes it isolates and manifests itself in a spirit of independence. I may have had a form of pride in my life that caused me to internalize too much.

After we closed the church plant, I went through the two most difficult years of my life. I think if I would have done some things differently, we either wouldn’t have planted or waited until we were better prepared.

I’m still a planter at heart and I’m excited to be a part of my third church planting team experience with Jesus Culture Sacramento. I’m sure I’ll be writing a post in the future about 10 things we did right!

If you are a church planter, what is something you would have done differently?