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Following Jesus Is Dangerous Because Jesus Is Dangerous

Jesus said that we should be willing to suffer and even to die (Matt. 10). Those are dangerous words. If we say we follow him, then we must be prepared to walk with him into those dangerous places where he promises to give us victory.

We don’t become as dangerous as he is overnight. Jesus took three years with his followers. If it feels hard, it is! Knowing that in advance, we can cut ourselves some slack as we muster up the will and then struggle to stumble along after him.

For most of my Christian life, I’ve been trying to understand how he wants us to walk out his dangerous brand of faith in this complicated world. And he constantly challenges me.

As I’ve sensed him challenging me to introduce him to others, I’ve felt uncomfortable—if I’m honest, I’d say something to them like, “Hey, I’d like to introduce you to this guy who wants to turn your world upside down and wreck your life. Interested?”

Of course, he does that because he sees the trouble in my heart and wants to bring me peace. But, yeah, it’s gonna hurt a bit.

Have you met this dangerous Jesus? Has he messed with your comfortable world? The price of freedom is to dare to become dangerous as well. To all who would venture to go that way, he promises an abundant life. It seems risky, but it’s the deal he’s put on the table. Why not go for it?