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How to Be a Gift of Encouragement This Advent Season

And our sin nature often wants to discourage others. It desires self-exaltation more than anything. So it relishes focusing on others’ weaknesses, foibles, mistakes, and sins out of arrogance or envy. Pride is why so much of what we think or say or interpret or hear about others is negative and uncharitably critical.

If we’re going to encourage anyone else, we have to fight Satan and our own sin to do it.

But the “God of … encouragement” (Romans 15:5). And when we have hope, we have courage, and we’re able to give the grace of encouragement to others who need it.

So encouraging people soak in and store up God’s word (Psalm 119:11).

Be a Generous Encouragement Giver!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give the grace of encouragement to everyone who hears from us this Advent season? No, we won’t do it perfectly. But if we make this form of love our aim (1 Timothy 1:5), it’s possible that we could give out twice or three times as much encouragement as we otherwise would. Why not try?

God loves encouragement, generosity and cheerful giving. So let’s be generous, cheerful givers of encouragement this Advent, even if it means the additional busy-ness of love. Let’s be on the hunt for those who need hope-infusions. And let’s ask the Father for Spirit-empowered discernment and Scripture recall so that we leave whomever we interact with this season more encouraged than we found them.  

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Jon Bloom is the Executive Director for Desiring God Ministries