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How to Boost Up Your Follow-Up: 6 Fresh Ideas

When a first-time guest completes a guest registration card at your church, what happens next? The most common answer to that question: absolutely nothing. No, it’s not an intentional oversight, but without an ongoing, immediate follow-up plan, your church may miss the opportunity to reach guests for Christ and include them in your church family.

Need fresh ideas? Tweak some of these to fit your unique church:

  • First-Time-Guest Online Survey. People love to give an opinion! Create a brief survey on your church website. (See a sample survey at dianadavis.org) Carefully study survey responses.
  • Same-Day Contact. A specially trained volunteer can make a brief phone call to each guest on the Sunday afternoon they visit your church.
  • Email + Snail Mail. Assign volunteers to send a swift, personal email or handwritten card to each first-time guest.
  • Small Group Personal Invitation. Provide contact info to an appropriate small group or Sunday School class for each family member. A member of that small group may offer to meet the guest at a specific door to escort them to class.
  • A Personal Touch. Examples: An Indiana church delivers three coupons for a free drink in their coffee area, encouraging the guest to return for three consecutive Sundays. In a different church, their volunteers deliver a church coffee mug to the guest’s door before they get home from church. A baking volunteer at First Baptist Garland, Texas, prepares fresh homemade cookies for each first-time guest, then a delivery volunteer simply knocks on their door and gives them delicious cookies and a goodie-bag of church info.
  • Pastor’s letter. Many pastors prepare a warm letter or email to welcome first-time guests; some even jot a handwritten note. Pastor Traylor at Olive Baptist, Pensacola, often texts or phones first-time guests on Saturdays, inviting them to come back on Sunday.

Notice that church members—not just ministry staff—accomplish the majority of follow-up. Newcomers want to hear what you love about your church. They desire relationships, and relationships provide evangelistic opportunity.

When God brings a first-time guest to your church this Sunday and they complete a guest registration card, what will happen next?

“The harvest is abundant … pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” Luke 10:2 

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Diana Davis (www.keeponshining.com) is an author, speaker and wife of the North American Mission Board’s vice president for the South region, Steve Davis. Copyright 2012. Used by permission.