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3 Target Audiences Your Church Can’t Ignore

When you think about how churches divide up their ministries, what comes to mind? Here are the categories we typically see on church websites:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Families
  • Senior Citizens

Usually, that works fine. Most people fall into one of those four categories anyway, right? Think again. Here are some key groups of people your church shouldn’t ignore:

The graduated-from-college but not-yet-married group

Transitioning into the real world is hard enough for young people, so make it easy for them to get plugged in at your church. There is a lot of pressure for this group to land a good job, get their own place and possibly even find a spouse. This group needs support, so be there for them.

Married couples that, for one reason or another, do not have children

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life. But afterward, where exactly do married couples without children fit in at church? There seems to be an abundance of ministries for families, but the church lacks in ministering to couples of all ages who don’t (or maybe can’t) have children. Don’t neglect this group.

30- to 40-year-old singles

I think from this short list, this could be the most neglected group. Maybe these people have never married, or maybe they’re divorced. Regardless, they are generally more mature in their faith (and life in general) than younger singles. And because of this, the last thing they want to do is join a small group of 20-year-old singles whom they can’t relate to at all. Men and women who fit into this group can be such an asset to a church. Hmm … and isn’t there a single guy in the New Testament who modern-day churches frequently study? Yeah, his name is Paul. Don’t ignore this group; they could be the “Pauls” of your church.

Who do you think the church is neglecting? What groups would you add to our list?  


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