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8 Things Christians Should Be Known For

6. Selflessness (Philippians 2:4)

Do you give only to hopefully receive, or do you give out of the abundance of your heart? The idea of selflessness presents a picture that says, “Whatever you need, I’m here to give it to you.” Selflessness is an attribute that puts others before yourself, and God before everyone else. Although it may not always be the easiest of tasks, showcasing selflessness says more about your heart than you might think. Everything we have was never really ours to begin with.

7. Commitment (Matthew 5:37)

When we as Christians say we will do something, we should make sure we follow through with the act. Although we all make mistakes and fall short, reflecting an image of Jesus’ commitment to others showcases one of His greatest attributes. In the ways of Christ, we must show the world we can be trusted, and that our word will not be broken.

8. Respect (1 Peter 2:17)

We may come across people with differing views than us, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have respect in our action of disagreement. Today’s media coverage feeds off of disrespectful Christians, highlighting stories that provoke many of us to stand back and say, “I would never do that!” We must be known as a community of respectful people, who even among disagreement can show love and grace.