To a Woman Considering Abortion

I know how it feels to be caught off guard by Providence and desperately want your will to be done instead of God’s. Yet there is still a choice to be made. Either let your actions be governed by lies or believe the truth.

The truth is this:

1) Murder Will Not Make You Happy

You were born convinced that true joy is discovered apart from God. That sin is much more pleasurable to you than Christ. Your heart is inclined to choose everything other than God for its satisfaction, and this disposition has led you to this point—to the idea that the murder of your unborn child is the most rational way to preserve your joy.

But, to the contrary, the one true joy available to us all can be found only in Christ. To know God is to know authentic joy. Fight to believe that the sin of abortion will not satisfy you. Allow the recognition of such to lead you into the arms of the only Savior sufficient to save you. There, you will find forgiveness and freedom from the penalty and power of sin. Then you will know joy and happiness in God, and God alone, under whom this can be said of you: “Blessed [Happy] are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” (Matthew 5:6).

2) Children Are Gifts From God

If we had a discussion on why we look forward to birthdays and Christmas, the common denominator in our love for both events might rest on their emphasis on gifts. Gifts not only make us feel appreciated and loved, but they often reveal the heart that the giver of the gift has for us.

“Abortion will not satisfy you.” 

Tragically, in our society, the same doesn’t ring true in our hearts towards children. We view them as “mistakes” when they are conceived without our permission, rather than as gifts from the providential hand of a loving God. Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Pay attention to the word from in that Scripture. Your child was not conceived by happenstance; your child was conceived because God created that child, in his image, with purpose, and placed him or her in your womb for God’s glory and your joy. Fight to reorient your thinking to believe this as fact.

Don’t let society’s ideology about children influence you, and lead you to abort the human being growing inside of you. He or she is a gift.

3) You Were Made for More

This world is bursting with self-centeredness. If there is one thing we are all skilled at, it is being selfish. We reckon that living for someone other than self seems foolish at best.

I am sensitive to your predicament, but I must be frank with you about its root. The root of your desire to abort your child is selfishness. I don’t say that to condemn, but to reveal in love. Understanding this will bring your struggle to light so that it can be replaced with the truth that you were made for more.

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Jackie Hill (@jackieehill) is a poet from St. Louis who has been saved by a gracious God. She is part of and will be performing at their conference July 25–27.