To a Woman Considering Abortion

Living a life that revolves around you is not to live at all. It’s the paradox of what it means to be blessed: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

“Living a life that revolves around you is not to live at all.”

Jesus, the exalted king, worthy of eternal praise and adoration, became a servant. How much more should we through the avenue of parenthood. We were not created to be self-serving creatures, but instead we were made to love God and love people.

Look Into the Future

Before I got off the phone with my friend just two hours before she aborted her child, there was one major thing I begged her to see—the future. I wanted her to let go of all of the negative thoughts she believed her future to be, and instead consider the great positives and wonderful things that could come from her choosing to be a mother over a murderer. To imagine the joy her child would bring to her life. To imagine the purpose God has in store for her child. To imagine the amazing opportunity of raising someone with the potential to impact the world around us in ways unseen.

And I implore you to do the same. Just for a moment, I want you to step outside of yourself and imagine all of the beauty that could be if only you’d choose life over death, motherhood over murder, sacrifice over selfishness and true joy over empty lies.  

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Jackie Hill (@jackieehill) is a poet from St. Louis who has been saved by a gracious God. She is part of and will be performing at their conference July 25–27.