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7 Signs You Are a Counterfeit Christian

If you’re like me and know more about Scripture than living like Jesus, here’s a strong word for you courtesy of the son of God himself.

You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life. John 5:39-40

The Bible is NOT more important than Jesus. Oh, you can recite the books of the Bible using an annoying song? You memorized the book of James? That’s great. The Pharisees memorized the first five books of the Old Testament and Jesus told them their knowledge was useless.


They memorized Scripture, thinking their knowledge made them righteous. Instead, their knowledge inflated their egos and blinded them from the Savior.

The whole point of the Bible is Jesus. Go ahead, have your morning meditations. That’s great. Memorize Scripture. Good for you. But those things don’t give you brownie points with God.

Instead, answer these questions.

Does the Bible increase your love of God and intimacy with Jesus?

Are you confident in your salvation because you know Scripture or because you know the one Scripture points to?

Remember, the first-century Christians, especially Gentile Christians, had no Bible. They had no background about Jesus. They just heard a message of redemption, believed that message and lived in community with others who accepted it.

3. A counterfeit Christian wonders how close he or she can get to sin without actually sinning. 

Few questions upset and sadden me more than this one. “Frank, is _______ a sin?” Just fill in the blank. Spending the night with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Getting a buzz. Watching a movie glorifying sex and worldliness. As a church leader, I am asked these questions quite often.

I refuse to answer them.

Here’s why. I can’t, in good conscience, answer a question that feeds your desire to flirt with sin. Most likely, if you’re asking this question, you need to check your heart. I know because I used to ask those questions.