A Safe Place for Sexual Sinners

She joked that some may call her a hippie for it, but she believes Acts 2 calls for this type of hospitality to be normal among Christians. Unfortunately, this kind of hospitality is scarce among Christians and it probably has a lot to do with fear of transparency. We don’t invite people into our homes because we’re afraid that they will see our brokenness. We wear our masks that hide our true selves from the world from 9 to 5. We can’t bear the idea of wearing them from 9 to 9 and on the weekend.

Rosaria suggests that Sunday is the perfect day to allow people into our lives uninvited.

“Why do we make certain days ‘family days’? Sunday is the Lord’s Day. It is not ‘family day.’ It is the Lord’s Day. It is the day for God’s people to be in each other’s lives without invitation.”

“Holidays are hard for people who are single. Why not just make a covenant that says that your home is going to be open, and use the guest room for the people in your church who are going to struggle?”

Rosaria understands that a Christian struggling with homosexual desires is ultimately no different than a Christian struggling with pornography, fornication, greed or drunkenness. We’re all sinners who need to repent daily of how we’ve failed. There is no ideal church specifically for homosexuals. But there is an ideal church for sinners. It’s a safe place to confess and repent.

“The ideal church is a church where everybody is repenting publicly of something. The ideal church is where people are saying, ‘I struggle with this, and I don’t want it to define me, but I need you to cover my back in prayer. I struggle. I fail. I have been a Christian, and I want to struggle in the Lord.’ That is the ideal church.”