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6 Steps to Evangelize Professing Believers

6. Winsomely point out their weaknesses.

We must be willing to winsomely point out where fruit seems lacking. There are those that will be all too willing to call a loved one out for their lack of genuine trust in Christ. Conversely, there are those that would rather be tortured than cause a loved one to feel uncomfortable. But we are called to be those who walk the middle ground—lovingly and honestly highlighting areas in our loved ones’ lives where we see a consistent lack of Christian behavior. We must choose our words carefully; it is one thing for the gospel to offend, and another entirely for us to do so.

If the person seems uninterested in listening, do not give up (remain patient), but be willing to get outside counsel. It may be that there is something about your relationship that makes it hard for them to show the fruit of the Spirit, even though it is evident elsewhere. If someone else does corroborate your suspicion, then take that person with you to talk. Sometimes it takes the witness of two or more to convince someone that there is a genuine problem. But be careful to toe the line between asking for help and engaging in gossip.

From Death to Life

It can be difficult to “evangelize” those that think they need it least. Convincing someone raised in the church that they are lost is often even harder than getting someone saved. Fear of the awkwardness, hurt feelings and possible long-term relational ramifications can keep us from sharing our faith with those who seem comfortably stagnant in theirs.

But if we are those that are captivated by the beauty of God’s work and character, willing to be honest about its effect in our lives, and willing to make a commitment to get in God’s word as often and as deeply as possible, we may get to see something of the gospel vividly displayed before us, as what once seemed lifeless beautifully blossoms to life.  

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Josh Squires (@jsquires12) has degrees in counseling and divinity. He currently serves as the pastor of counseling and congregational care at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC where he lives with his wife Melanie and their 4 children.