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Seven Secular Resources I Read Every Week

Secular Resources

I’m in a bit of a rut right now.

I hope it’s a good rut though.

Every day I read my Bible. It is really rare for me to miss a day.

Almost every day I am reading a book. Some of the books are print publications. But I love the Audible format as well. The latter is especially good for my long commutes to work. I am currently reading (and listening) to The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly.

But, in the course of a week, I inevitably turn to other resources. There are seven resources that I will likely read at least once a week with few exceptions. These secular resources help me to understand the culture and world in which we live. I pray they are being used to make me a more effective gospel witness.

1. Harvard Business Review. I am like a kid at Christmas when my monthly HBR arrives. Its articles on business, leadership and culture are unsurpassed by most other secular resources.

2. Wall Street Journal. This venerable newspaper is a source for both business and news. I have started using Audible to stay caught up on the WSJ.

3. Real Clear Politics. This site is my favorite aggregator for political articles. I also appreciate its aggregation of polls as well.

4. Five Thirty Eight. This site is another good political source. It also includes good news articles as well.

5. Huffington Post. As a conservative, I enjoy reading liberal perspectives on news and politics. This blog is the best in that genre.

6. Fast Company. I began reading this magazine years ago. Fast Company is a business magazine with a focus and emphasis on technology.

7. Seth’s Blog. This blog by Seth Godin is a quick daily read. He offers pithy nuggets of news, strategy and wisdom. His focus is on marketing ideas in a digital age.

No reading can replace the Bible. But I do appreciate the works of many secular publications that help me better discern the times in which we live.

Let me hear from you. What resources would you add to my list?