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10 “First Impressions” Done Well in Churches

10 “First Impressions

We usually get only one shot to positively capture the attention of guests visiting our church. Here are 10 things I’ve seen churches do well in their “First Impressions” ministry:

1. Temporary, well-done signs on the adjoining streets – Their signage directs potential guests toward the meeting place, even before they get to the building or the parking lot.

2. Parking lot attendants and greeters – They not only help direct traffic, but they’re a smiling face as soon as you pull in the parking lot. They make you glad you’re there.

3. Obvious guest parking – It’s so obvious that a guest sees it, or is directed toward it, as soon as he or she enters the lot. Guest parking that’s hard to find isn’t helpful.

4. Clearly identified “Welcome Center” tent in the parking lot – In fact, it’s hard for guests to miss it. They know someone’s thought about them. Somebody’s expecting them.

5. Actually friendly people at the Welcome Center – This would seem to be obvious, but it doesn’t always happen. In bad examples, I’ve met “welcoming” people who barely talked to me.

6. Obvious entrance doors – There might be more than one in a larger building, but they’re still clearly identified.

7. Water and coffee visibly available in the entrance – It’s a good thing to offer these simple basics for attenders. It’s even better to make them so obviously available that everybody—even first-time attenders—know they’re welcome to have some.

8. Identifiable greeters at every door – They’re there. They’re friendly. They’re clearly identified, often with a shirt or vest in addition to a nametag.

9. Starting on time – Most churches don’t delay their starting time for guests; they delay because their regulars aren’t there on time. That’s disrespectful to guests, who are often on time.

10. Welcoming guests without putting them on the spot – A simple, “We’re glad to see guests here. If you haven’t stopped by the welcome center, we invite you to do so as you leave,” says, “We know you’re here. We’d love to talk to you, but it’s your call.”

What else have you seen? What would you add to this list?  

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Chuck Lawless currently serves as Professor of Evangelism and Missions and Dean of Graduate Studies at Southeastern Seminary. You can connect with Dr. Lawless on Twitter @Clawlessjr and on at facebook.com/CLawless.