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7 Lies Culture Tells Us About Love and Romance

6. Conflict is temporary. Marriage is easy.

Culture says conflict in relationships is temporary, and all healthy relationships reach a point where everyone is happy, rides unicorns, and chews on Skittles.

In real life, marriage is hard, probably the hardest work you will do. Why? Two broken people are becoming one flesh. This involves tension, and this tension is healthy.

The gospel isn’t a “get out of conflict free” card. Jesus didn’t avoid pain and discomfort. He stepped into it, transformed it, and gave us new life. Marriage is beautiful because, unlike any other relationship on earth, it depicts the gospel.

Jesus followers have an opportunity to live out the gospel in their marriage everyday. Rather than viewing conflict as the second greatest evil (behind cats, of course), conflict is an opportunity to grow and give the world something beautiful, a picture of the gospel, a picture of God.

7. True love will solve your problems, all of them.

Does your life suck? Is your existence meaningless? Are you struggling with porn? Are you insecure and selfish? No worries. I have a quick fix for you.

It’s called love. True love fixes everything, always. Until you find it, your life will continue to suck and you will continue to struggle with porn.

So says culture, at least.

In reality, whatever baggage you carry before finding love follows you into the relationship. If you don’t unload the baggage beforehand, you’re throw it onto your partner. And some of that junk smells like crap.


Love is in desperate need of redemption. Maybe some of the voices are well-intentioned – like youth pastors who reference their “smokin’ hot wives or preachers who promise mind-blowing sex if you abstain from sex before marriage – but we can’t be content with motives. Lies about love impact lives, maybe even eternities.

I’m for love, romance, and sex. I’m for marriage. I sincerely hope yours flourishes.

I would love to hear from you.

What are some lies you believe culture tells us about love and marriage?

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I love you all. To God be the glory forever. Amen!