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Rejection From Man Doesn’t Mean Rejection From God

Sometimes it just is what it is. And that’s that.

But God’s girls have a beautiful promise tucked in our pockets that lets us smile even when tears puddle in the corner of our eyes. Even when there’s no rainbow, pot of gold or galloping prince—we have the promise of resurrection.

On the other side of death there will always be a resurrection of some sort. Maybe not a resurrection of our circumstances. And maybe not a resurrection of things lining up like we thought they should. But there will be a resurrection.

Jesus has insured that.

Nothing in this world can permanently strip hope from our lives when we know “we do not follow cleverly invented stories about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” but we follow the reality of the Risen One (2 Peter 1:16).


The One who was well-acquainted with rejection. The One who was betrayed, abandoned, beaten, crucified and buried. The One death could not hold down.

He is our resurrection.

He is our hope.

He is that beautiful reminder that rejection from man doesn’t equal rejection from God.

And He is the One who is weaving a story into our life that will one day make sense.

Dear Jesus, You know what rejection feels like. That’s why You are the perfect One for me to run to when I feel rejected. Today, I’m bringing you the broken pieces of my heart and asking You to stir hope deep within me again. Rejection did not get to have the final say in Your life, and I am choosing to believe it will not have the final say in mine either. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Jonathon Douglass or ‘JD’ (as he is known by his childhood nickname) is one of Hillsong Church’s foremost worship leaders and Creative Pastors, and has been a part of the UNITED team since its beginning.