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Pastors, Lead Your Churches Into Special Seasons of Seeking the Lord

Pastors, Lead Your Churches into Special Seasons of Seeking the Lord

There are moments in the life of the church where the pastor needs to lead the people of God to seek the Lord seriously. Through the years, Cross Church has chosen to do this in many ways.

We are in a season of seeking God as a church right now. We are calling our church to go on a spiritual journey with God for 21 days in the month of January. It is simply called 21 DAYS.

The Bible challenges us in 1 Peter 4:7, “Now the end of all things is near, therefore, be serious and disciplined for prayer.” I believe as we continue forward in these days, there are moments we need to resolve to take our spiritual life seriously. We do this by being disciplined in prayer.

The Challenge Is Clear

We are challenging our people to be disciplined to pray for 21 days successively for their own spiritual life and development, for our church and for our nation.

Relating to their own spiritual life and development, we are asking our people to determine a specific breakthrough needed in their life. The challenge is also to identify and pray for a family member or friend who needs Jesus Christ. Additionally, we are asking them to establish a spiritual goal for their life in 2016. As our people go on this journey, we believe if they pray about their own spiritual life for 21 days in a row, especially if they target these things, God will take them to a new level.

We have also extended a challenge to join us in praying for our church and our nation. We have defined three specific things to pray for our church and our nation. In fact, you can see exactly what we have enclosed in the 21 DAYS booklet. Please give attention to the heart of the book on pages 3-4.

Make It a Win

Through our preaching over the past few weeks, we have tried to make our focus a win for everyone. Our appeal has been: Just think what God could do if you focused on your spiritual life for 21 days in a row and joined thousands of others praying for our church and our nation at the same time.

We have challenged our people to establish some level of commitment by giving up something they love during this time. At the same time, it is a challenge for many to focus on praying about these specific matters for 21 days successively.

Therefore, our ultimate challenge has been: Find the level you believe God wants you to go to, and go on this journey with us. Everyone can find their level of commitment, even if they have to depart from it a few days due to travel or personal matters. Our goal is for everyone to take their spiritual life seriously enough to go on some kind of journey with God. You can see our commitment card here.

As a pastor or church leader, you may be wondering how we extended these challenges from the pulpit over the past couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, we spoke on 21 DAYS and this past week on How to Pray Through Your Problems.

My desire in making these sermons and other resources available is to be helpful and encouraging. If you do something like this for one day, seven days or 21 days, you will need to adjust things for your situation and church.

Walking in Expectation

Many times, we do not walk in expectation. Journeys of faith move us to walk in expectation.

I can assure you, I am expecting great things from God for my own life and in the life of our church. I am looking for the Lord to do some powerful things in the lives of our people.

If we believe prayer really matters, then we will see the Lord do great things.

William Carey was a missionary to India. Among other things, he was known as the father of modern missions and this statement is credited to him: “Expect great things; attempt great things.”

Pastors, live your life, operate your ministry and lead your church to expect great things. When you believe our God is able, you will not just expect great things, you will attempt great things.

This is why as spiritual leaders we need to lead God’s people to seek God seriously. Our God is able. Expect and attempt great things!