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Tattoo Parlor Church: Bad Idea or Responsible Mission?

Distancing myself from the man’s open infection, I timidly laid my hand on his shoulder to pray. Sandra, on the other hand, a retired nurse, got down on her hands and knees to inspect the infected foot up-close and personal. She rattled off some orders to some of our younger team members.

In minutes they were back from the drug store with all the necessary items. On a park bench, outside a tattoo parlor, you could smell the kingdom, as Sandra, on her hands and knees, treated and bandaged this man’s infected foot, and potentially saved his life that day.

Re-evaluating Our Really Bad Tattoo Church Idea

So was Tattoo Parlor Church “a really bad idea”?

Well, did people leave our church? Yes.

Have I received death threats from people I loved and invested in? Yes.

Is it risky? Absolutely!

But the more important question that we ask in Fresh Expressions is:

Did anyone make Jesus the Lord of their life as the result of our efforts? YES!

Did people partake of Holy Communion for the first time? Yep.

Did people coming to get inked and pierced randomly encounter a group of Christians having church in a tattoo parlor? Yes.

Were lives saved? Indeed.

Are disciples being formed through this ministry? Absolutely. So for me, the reward far outweighs the risk.

So you tell me, are fresh expressions, even of the risky, “bad idea,” variety worth it?

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