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Grit Over Genius: How to Make a Great 2018

4) Finish what you started

It’s better to officially admit you are not going to finish (if that is an option) than to leave something dangling.

Large and small unfinished projects carry a similar drain on emotion and energy. The little ones nag you, and the big ones drag you, but they feel similar.

Make a list of what is not finished in three groups. Group one is high priority. Group two is low priority. (The lack of a “mid” priority forces tougher decisions.) Group three is “jettison,” you just say no and shut it down. Or, say not now, but officially take it off the list.

Then dig in and knock them out in order of priority. Note, several of the low priority should move to jettison.

5) Write out your game plan for 2018

Talk with God first.

  1. Who does God want you to be, but you have not yet become?
  2. What does He want you to accomplish?
  3. What are the big themes that God seems to have for you?
  4. What are the needs of the Kingdom that God designed for you next year?

The shorter the list and more specific the better.

The answer to these questions can be a word or two, or a sentence or two. Keep it simple. A friend of mine and colleague on staff, Scott Mawdesley says, “Write one line.” You could literally write one line for each of the four questions above and set your 2018 to a great start!

6) Write your “I’m grateful” list

Those of us who like to learn, grow and make progress can be our own worst critics. It’s also easy to look at what you don’t have or didn’t accomplish. The best way to avoid this is to focus on what you are grateful for.

You can do this over a cup of coffee! Write all the things you are grateful for in general, and in particular from 2017.

This is an easy exercise that sets your heart and mind right for best results in 2018.

7) Clear the clutter

Not everyone cares about the environment they live and work in. But I do. I don’t need perfection, but I am not at peace in clutter and chaos. So I eliminate as much as I can. This may help you more than you know.

How much time do you spend looking for things that are lost? Yup…even computer files can be cluttered. Many of mine are. Who likes to file? Not me! But I have hundreds of folders and files on my Mac, and if I take some time to clean them up, I can find stuff which makes me faster and more productive.

Another example, I still have hundreds of books, and I’ve spent the last two months going through all of them purging nearly 50 percent. I will be done by December 31. I just don’t need all of them, and they are distracting and everywhere!

How about you? Time to clear the clutter?

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Dr. Dan Reiland serves as Executive Pastor at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He previously partnered with John Maxwell for 20 years, first as Executive Pastor at Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, then as Vice President of Leadership and Church Development at INJOY. He and Dr. Maxwell still enjoy partnering on a number of church related projects together.