The 5 Styles of Preachers

If so, people will begin to think that their standing before God is based more on what they do for God, not what God has already done for them.

If you are a motivator, use your contagious enthusiasm to inspire others. But make sure that you are leaning on the power of the gospel to motivate instead of an emotional frenzy to manipulate.


the scholar preaching style

“Think about this with me.” 

The scholar is a bookworm at heart. They love reading the classics and searching the wisdom of the intellectual giants of Christendom so that they might share their discoveries with the world.

They place a high emphasis on the amount of study they do to prepare a message. If not for other obligations, they could get lost in studying Scripture for days. Logos is their best friend.

The common theme of the scholar is they reason for faith in Christ.

Scholars present an intellectual approach to faith. Their sermons are well thought out, organized and logical. Skeptics of Christianity will find their messages intriguing, as their doubts and objections are acknowledged and answered.

The weakness of the scholar is the flip-side of their strength. If they are not careful, their message can become so intellectual that they leave the average person behind.

Scholars, use your intellect and thirst for knowledge to give others a taste of the depth of God’s Word, so we hunger for more. But don’t dive so deep into the details that you distract your audience in the facts and lose focus on the main point. You do not have to share everything you learn. Stay focused on what matters most.


the evangelist preaching style

“Jesus is knocking at the door to your heart.”

The room is packed. The fiery preacher gives an impassioned gospel plea. The band comes out and plays a powerful song, and people are called to make a decision. “Come to the altar and give your life to Jesus!”

The evangelist ends every sermon with an altar call. Nothing excites them more than seeing people come to faith in Christ. Every sermon is a gospel presentation.

They are not afraid to talk about sin or hell. After all, their sermon may be the last warning someone listening ever gets.

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