The 5 Styles of Preachers

A staple of the evangelist is stories of life transformation. They love sharing the testimonies of people whose lives have been radically changed by Christ.

The common theme of the evangelist is winning people for Christ.

Their passion and dedication to evangelism often leads to people coming to faith in Jesus. And their churches often grow as more and more people are added to their number. However, all of this can come at a high cost.

The evangelist’s passion for evangelism may distract them from discipling new believers. If left unchecked, their churches can fill with baby Christians who are never discipled to grow in spiritual maturity. They must be careful to emphasize spiritual growth as much as conversion.

So if you are an evangelist preacher, use your evangelistic enthusiasm to reach as many as you can with the gospel. And build a team around you that works to ensure you’re fulfilling the Great Commission in making disciples, not just converts.


the hipster preaching style

“I saw this Tweet the other day.”

The hipster is always up to date on current events and cultural trends. They love movies, music, social media and the latest technology. They may even fit the stereotype of the pastor with a meticulously groomed beard who wears skinny jeans, and lumberjack shirts.

Their sermon series often play on a hit movie title or the hottest new app. But don’t let their trendy clothes or sermon titles fool you. They take incarnational ministry seriously.

Like Jesus, who left Heaven and became God in flesh, they want to live among the people. And like Jesus, who used agricultural illustrations to communicate His message to an agricultural society, they use the technology and trends of the modern world to point people to Christ.

They are motivated by a deep desire to reach a culture that finds Christianity irrelevant. Knowing and engaging in the culture of the city where they live is all part of their ministry and sermon preparation.

The common theme of the hipster is the relevance of Christ.

The hipster is gifted in applying God’s Word in a remarkably relevant message. Many people from an unchurched background or who have walked away from a traditional church will find their approach refreshing.

But, to their peril, the hipster can fall into the trap of focusing too much on being culturally relevant.

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