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How to Reach 100 New Guests This Year

But Nelson Searcy says if you want your church to be in rapid growth mode, you should target seven weekly guests for every 100 people in attendance.

Look at your current numbers, consider your situation and set a goal.

Grow Church Attendance #2 – Decide to do it.

The biggest thing holding many churches back isn’t a lack of space, an outdated facility, a poor website or a faltering program.

It’s a mindset.

Some churches have a stuck mindset, falling back to the way things are because embracing change appears too difficult.

Some churches have an insider mindset, choosing to continue programs that benefit long-time members but ignoring the needs of changing communities.

Some churches want to reach people, but in reality, their mindset isn’t ready just yet.

If your church is going to reach unchurched people, it’s going to require the right mindset.

And this is hard.

You can’t lead your church to reach the unchurched with a vision meeting or a passionate sermon.

Your goals have to become your priorities, and these are two different things.

You can set any goal you want, but if the goal doesn’t become a priority, nothing is going to change.

A goal is great, but a priority is better.