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Five Things Clear Core Values Can Really Do for You

#4 – They help you hire.

A lot of people will agree with your purpose. It’s probably broad and inspiring and important.

So just like your core values attract and repel the right and wrong customers, strong core values should help you attract and repel team members. It is your core values, even more than your purpose, that makes people fit. So when you’re interviewing people, talk extensively to them about those values and see if there is alignment.

#5 – They keep you from being all things to all people.

Knowing you who you are and who you are not will keep you from chasing unnecessary opportunities. After all, every opportunity is not an obligation. When you know you are, you can pass on an idea and leave it for someone else.

Focus is a good thing, and if you work hard, those properly defined core values will help you focus.


This article on core values is used by the author’s kind permission.