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Christians Aren’t Called to Pull Weeds But to Sow Seeds

It is not our job to call down fire or tear out tares. The only evil we are called to root out is the evil in our own lives (Matthew 7:5.)

Instead, we are called to sow seed generously in the harvest field (Matthew 13:1-23) and disciple those who respond to the message. We are called to go with the goers, pray for the others and keep chucking Gospel seeds.

What about the weeds? We leave them for God, the Lord of the Harvest, to deal with on Judgment Day.

And he will.

There is a day coming where the harvesters (the angels) will bundle the weeds (sinners) and gather the wheat (saints). He will burn the weeds (in hell) and bring the wheat into his barn (aka “heaven”!)

You and I are not called to pull weeds. We are called to sow seeds.

And, as those Gospel seeds grow, they will overcome the weeds and the tares.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we refuse to speak the truth, vote our consciences, deal with injustice around us or get involved with other important issues. But it does mean that our ultimate goal is to save lost souls.

So let’s sow!

Let’s sow as many seeds as we can in as many places to have the biggest harvest that we can!

By the way, if you don’t know how to sow Gospel seeds (share the Gospel message in a clear and effective way), then download Dare 2 Share‘s free app, Life in 6 Words. It is a simple and effective way to evangelize and reap a fruitful spiritual crop.

Let’s stop pulling weeds and start sowing seeds!

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