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To Nietzsche ‘s Question: Do Right and Wrong Exist, or Is It All About Power?

Whose lives matter? This question and those like it are where Nietzsche’s philosophy begins to fall apart. If strength dictates what is right and wrong, then there is no value to the lives of the weak. Strength conquers.

There is more to say to this, but I’ll wrap this one up here. Nietzsche is a compelling voice, especially to those who like him believe that God is dead, and we can construct our own morals. But beware of embracing this mentality fully—first off, because I believe you can’t, and secondly, because you will inevitably discard the humanity of many people. Your ego may swell in an effort to live out your own perceived truth, but the violence done to your fellow humans by this explanation is not excusable.

Without further contending with Nietzsche, how is this for a universal ethical principle:

Pursue that which produces more life than death. 

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