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The Spillover Effect of True Revivals

3. The power of the Gospel shook the city.

“…and spoke the word of God boldly.”

But the revival didn’t stay in the room. It spilled over into the streets. The power of the Gospel shook the city! These believers “spoke the word of God boldly,” despite the recent religious declaration that outlawed Christian evangelism.

These believers would not be stopped. They’d just experienced the power and presence of God, and now they were taking it to the streets!

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A defining characteristic of true revivals is that they never stay in the room. They always eventually spill out onto the streets!


According to a Ministry Watch report by Kim Roberts, when a similar revival broke out at Asbury University in 1970, “2,000 witnessing teams were sent out from Asbury to churches and colleges across the country.”

The original revival that started at Asbury University spilled out onto the streets!

I’m very hopeful that what’s happening now at Asbury University will end up with evangelism teams, once again, being mobilized around Kentucky and across the nation.

Pray with me that this happens.

We need revival now in this country more than ever! We need what’s happening right now at Asbury University to experience the spillover effect of true revival: the Gospel being proclaimed beyond the chapel walls!

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