Meet A Church Planter: Dustin Neeley in Louisville, KY (And meet his new blog: "Church Planting For the Rest of Us")

We’d like you to meet Acts 29 church planter, Dustin Neeley. Dustin was a teaching pastor at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, and was burdened to plant a new church in Louisville.

Neeley planted Crossing Church out of Sojourn and has a small church that has planted 4 new churches in its 4 years, and is currently “pregnant” with 6 more church planters. We are excited to see this church-planting-church be faithful with the gospel and on God’s mission for the lost.

Neeley’s not a mega-church pastor, and most Acts 29 churches will never be – and he’s working to encourage and resource church-planters with smaller congregations. He’s recently launched a new website, “Church Planting For the Rest of Us” – aimed at pastors of congregations of 200-300, who won’t ever see explosive growth like a mega-church and are yet called and faithful in church planting.

(Does he dislike mega-churches? Absolutely not. His site’s tagline is “speaking up for the guys who may never plant mega-churches, while being thankful for those that do”).

He has compiled some great resources on his site and brought together a lot of helpful material from our own website but has categorized it more clearly and made it more accessible. Additionally, today he’s just put up Part 2 of a great interview with Matt Chandler – on Celebrity, Diversity & Burnout.

So, without further ado, meet Dustin and hear him share about his call and how he pastors and protects his family as a church planter.  

by Scott Thomas
Acts 29 Network
Used with permission from Scott Thomas, the director and Chairman of Acts 29 Network, a non-profit church planting organization of missional reformed churches.
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