Lessons in Marital Communication #724: The Pick Up Line



Chris: “Are you wearing those Spanx things tonight? Because you look really skinny.”

Anne: “Can I blog that? Please?!”

Chris: “No.”


Lesson 471: invitation to bed

Lesson 622: poison for the homeless

Lesson 317: pillow talk

Lesson 256: submission

Lesson 439: honesty

Lesson 833: time management

Lesson 509: bacon is better than sex

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by Anne Jackson
Anne Jackson is an author, speaker, and activist who lives in the Nashville area with her husband, Chris. Her book, Mad Church Disease – Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic (Zondervan) released in February 2009. Her next book, Permission to Speak Freely: Essays and Art on Fear, Confession and Grace (Thomas Nelson) will be released in August 2010.
This article was adapted from a blog post by Anne Jackson at FlowerDust.net
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