Leadership Advance-Creativity & Breakthrough

Twice a year at Mosaic we bring our Volunteer Staff from all of our Southern California campuses together for a day of reflection, recharging and training. We also give awards to those who have gone above and beyond.

This year, Erwin focused on three arenas (which also happen to be awards we give out). These arenas included: creativity, breakthrough, and leadership.

Here are some of Erwin’s thoughts on creativity:

It isn’t true that if we dream it, we can do it. It is true though that if you don’t dream it, you won’t do it.

If we don’t allow God into our imagination, we won’t move towards the great things God has for us. We have more creativity than we know. We talk about this so much because we have heard the opposite message for our whole lives.

We all have creative potential!

In an interview with an AP journalist:
AP: “What is the message of our Doritos commercial?”

Erwin: “Eat Doritos! No subliminal message. We do believe though that creating something beautiful gives us the right to be heard.”

AP: “You really believe that?”

Erwin: “I’m talking to you right now aren’t I?”

The snow covered moutains don’t have a cross on them or “turn or burn.” We aren’t confident that beauty will lead people to worship. (See Rom 2).

We want to become the epicenter for human creativity so that the world will come to us to ask “what is going on here?” So we can point them to Jesus.

After the 7th day when He rested, God got back into creating on the next day. We are proof that God is creative & wants us to honor him be expressing our creativity to point others to Him.

Here are some of Erwin’s thoughts on Breakthrough:

Healthy companies gain market share in the midst of recessions. Why can’t the church?

Some positive updates: We added three new campuses since the economic recession began (South Bay, Berkeley, and Whittier), and we gave more to organizations and projects outside of Mosaic in 2009 than any other year before.

More thoughts tomorrow on Leadership!  

by Eric Bryant
Eric Bryant
Eric Michael Bryant serves as an elder, speaker, and navigator with the leadership team at Mosaic in Los Angeles, a church known for its creativity and diversity. Starting as a volunteer in the parking lot at Mosaic, Eric later worked with students and then helped catalyze new venues across Los Angeles. Eric serves as part of the core teams for the Mosaic Alliance and The Origins Project, a movement of people committed to Jesus, Humanity, and Innovation. Eric’s book, Peppermint-Filled Piñatas: Breaking Through Tolerance and Embracing Love, is a guide for overcoming the negative Christian stereotype by embracing the people Christians “love to hate.” Eric lives with his wife, Debbie, and two children, Caleb and Trevi in the middle of Los Angeles County.
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