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5 Ways We Will Stop the Haiti Cholera Outbreak

The recent outbreak of cholera in Haiti has taken over 150 lives and left thousands ill. Below is a blog post from Shaun King of Courageous Church on how to get involved and take action to help prevent the spread of this disease before it reaches Port-au-Prince.

I am writing this quickly, but have thought it through and talked with people on the ground in Haiti and here in the states.  I will work with anybody who wants to be a part of this solution. We have already sent money, supplies, people, and more to Central Haiti and they are there as I type.

I hope I have built up credibility with you for getting things done.  If not, I urge you to find someone you trust that is a part of this solution before thousands of people die of a preventable illness that is cheap to combat.

1. I honestly think $100,000 that is spent well would solve this entire problem.  The items that we need to stop the spread of cholera and nurse people back to health are inexpensive.  Every dollar you donate @ aHomeInHaiti.org for the next 7 days will go directly to this outbreak.  This is the quickest way to get things flowing.  If you give today we will spend it right away on antibiotics, clean water, salt, sugar, iv’s, antibacterial solution, and education tools.

2. We have a company offering to give us $100,000 for our causes in Haiti. What we have to do is SUPER SIMPLE. If you go to TripAlertz.com and sign up there, they will donate $1 to our cause – up to $100,000.  Over 10,000 people have signed up already and we have 90,000 opportunities left to raise $100,000! It take less than 20 seconds, is free (no credit card needed), is not a scam, etc.  The company is like the Groupon of travel.

3. Continue to make this a big deal on Twitter & Facebook.  Do not spread misinformation, but tweet the news stories, demand a solution, and show the world you care!  I am 100% sure that you and I are able to affect the news cycle and make this a priority for the world.  This is essential.

Let’s make this the top news story tonight!

4. Help spread GOOD PREVENTION information in every way you know how.

Here is a PDF on cholera prevention in English.  Here is one in Kreyol.

5. This last one is about your heart.  Commit in your heart that you will see this solution all the way through. Kids are dying because they are drinking dirty, infected water and YOU can change it.  Let’s do it.

UPDATE: I am working with a few people & organizations on the ground and I will report how you can support them directly as I get the information.

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A techie-humanitarian, Shaun King is widely regarded as one of today’s leading voices on how social media and a little bit of courage can make our world a radically better place. He speaks a message of hope and action over 150 times a year, has appeared in dozens of national press outlets, and is the founder of TwitChange, aHomeInHaiti, and Courageous Church in Atlanta, GA.