Church Leadership 101

I’ve had some interesting conversations and some frustrating experiences lately and it led me to this series of blog posts. Basically, after 16 years of local church ministry combined with consulting with churches around the country (and running my own business), I have formed some leadership philosophies and best practices, and would like to share them with you on here.

Please understand my heart and intent is to sincerely help you be better at what you do and help you be a better, more effective, more understanding and stronger leader. I encourage you to tune in each day as we delve into a number of topics (in no particular order). I also encourage you to share this with your staff/team.

I know some of you are my peers. Many of you have been at this longer and have much to offer. Some of you are new to ministry or are still hungry and wanting to grow in your given ministry. What I’m wanting to discuss is born out of life experience – not really book knowledge. It’ll be a combination of common sense mixed with wisdom that I’ve learned along the way. Whatever your situation, I think you’ll be able to learn or re-learn something useful as well as contribute to the conversation via comments.

For this introductory post, I’d like you to leave (as a comment) your best tips for church leadership. What have you learned the hard way? What do you consider to be essential? What one thing do you think every other pastor, staff member and volunteer should know?

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Greg Atkinson is an author, speaker, consultant, and the Founder of the First Impressions Conference and Worship Impressions—both specializing in guest services and hospitality.