Get Over It!

I was already tired of hearing all of the crybaby hype coming out of the City Of Cleveland before the game even tipped off this evening.   I don’t want to even waste writing space sharing all of the negative antics, as I’m sure that you have heard or seen most of them.

I’m not gonna lie, the shirt featured in this post did make me chuckle out loud — “The Lyin King.”  Seriously, holding onto the bitterness it’s such a waste of time…  Get Over It! To top it all off LeBron rolled into Cleveland and put on a clinic, as he scored 38 points before the 4th quarter even started.

I remember similar crybaby antics coming coming from the City Of Seattle when they lost the Seattle SuperSonics to Oklahoma City.  They are gone… Get Over It! To top it all off the now Oklahoma City Thunder franchise has record sell-outs and will be in the playoffs again this year.

Why should you waste your time on water that has clearly strolled way on the other side of the bridge?  You shouldn’t…  You Should Get Over It!

  • If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you… Get Over It!
  • If someone wronged you… Get Over It!
  • If life brings you lemons… Get Over It!
  • If a player or your favorite team decides to do something different… Get Over It!
  • If you want to move from where you are to where you need to be… Get Over It!

The bottom line is that if you allow someone to anger you, you are allowing them to conquer you.

“Anger is one letter short of Danger.” ~Elanor Roosevelt

Get Over It!

Why are people so unwilling to Get Over It?

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