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Excellent Solution To Manage Your Small Groups

Groups 2.0 Has Arrived from Fellowship Technologies on Vimeo.

Fellowship One Groups 2.0 is finally here.  F1 Groups is a comprehensive group management solution. If your church has Small Groups, this is a must have.  Check out the 2 minute video as it will walk you through the amazing features of Fellowship One Groups 2.0. This will put smiles on the faces of your Small Groups Leaders and Small Groups Pastor.

Fellowship One has mastered the art of simplifying the processes for ministry leaders.  The great thing about their software solutions is the fact that it thinks the way you think.  That’s why I like Apple products is because they think the way that I think.  Again, the same is true for why I like Fellowship One… It thinks the way that I think.

Other F1 Offers:
Is your ministry out of alignment?  Fellowship One is offering a FREE Webinar facilitated by @TonyMorganLive this Wednesday at 1:00.  Click here for registration.

Check out all of the Fellowship One solutions available for your ministry here.

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