Throw it Down

I’m so excited to tell you guys about an incredible book that’s now available from my friend, Jud Wilhite, entitled Throw It Down .  Jud is the pastor of Central Christian, an amazing church in the heart of Las Vegas. If there is any pastor equipped to write a book on finding freedom from dependencies and addictions, it’s Jud!

Throw It Down

is for those people whose destructive habits are keeping them from the lifelong freedom they long for. My guess is, to some degree, that would be just about every one of us.

Jud, thanks for writing this book. I’m so thankful you understand that part of the function of receiving freedom is extending it to others. You took the risk to free others in this book which is commendable, brave and certainly a fantastic reason to share this book with others.


Here’s a short video of Jud talking about the concept of the book.

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