Questions for God

I’m a bit of a question-asker. I always have been. I was the little girl, grilling her mom with the never ending “why”?

I don’t think God minds us asking questions. Jesus asked us many questions. In fact, in asking questions I have begun to understand more fully the grace of God and His sovereignty in my life. As I have grown in my faith, however, the questions have not stopped, but simply changed.

So in honor of question-askers everywhere, here are some questions I would ask God. Maybe I will get to in heaven. Some are big, perhaps unanswerable questions. Others are small, trivial, even silly questions. But again, I don’t think He minds.

  • Did Jesus really need to suffer and die on the cross in order to bridge the gap between man and You?
  • Will we remember one another in heaven?
  • Does our whining and complaining sound like constant noise or do you not find it bothersome?
  • What about Your Church most grieves You? What most pleases You?
  • How should the Church handle the issue of homosexuality? Are we doing more damage than good?
  • Why did you plant the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the first place? Wouldn’t it have saved us all a lot of pain if You never had?
  • Are there other universes, beyond ours, that exist?
  • Cockroaches? I mean, really? Are they necessary?
  • Do you hate or are indifferent to religion?
  • Why was Jesus’ ministry so short?
  • Is it true, as I suspect, that much of the Mid-West is to blame for cheesy and unexplainable trends like mom jeans, daytime soaps, and the immortal mullet? (Sorry if you are from the Mid-West. I love Mid-Westerners. It’s just a theory, I have).
  • Would the Apostle Paul cringe at the idea that the letters he wrote to various churches are now regarded as the Word of God?
  • Why didn’t you just go ahead and make unicorns and mermaids anyway, since you knew we were going to love them? (and by “we” I mean me)
  • In Revelation, it says that there is a name written on Christ that only He knows…I have dwelt on this verse so many times and I would so love to know that name….the very name of God, that only He Himself knows.

Okay, what questions would you ask God, from the theological and serious, to the trivial and silly? Lay ‘em on me.

Today’s post inspired by Sarah Jaggard’s blog post here.