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4 Reasons to Quit Being a Christian

Question: Is it OK to quit being a Christian in the name of following Christ?

A while back, best selling novelist Anne Rice renounced being a Christian via her Facebook page.  She reasoned that she felt like an outsider to the Christian community for the past 10 years and finally has decided to quit Christianity altogether (except for following Christ, that is).  So…what do you say about that?

Well, here’s what I would say to Anne Rice…

1.  We should all quit being Christians.

I totally relate to her sense of feeling like an outsider to organized Christian religion.  I feel the same way (for very different reasons).  I resist applying the “Christian” label to myself because the early church did not apply it to themselves; outsiders labeled them as “Christians.”  (see Acts 11:26)  We should all quit acting like Christians and start living like loyal followers of Jesus.

2.  Jesus is “anti” on some issues.

Rice stated her reasons for quitting Christianity as follows…

I refuse to be anti-gay.  I refuse to be anti-feminist.  I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control.  I refuse to be anti-Democrat.  I refuse to be anti-secular humanism.  I refuse to be anti-science.  I refuse to be anti-life.

Her reasoning incorrectly assumes that Jesus is not “anti” anything.  Jesus is unabashedly anti-religiosity, anti-greed, anti-sexual-immorality, and anti-human-opinion-over-God’s-Word!  Jesus is “anti” human-centered opinions because He’s “pro” God’s intended design for humanity.

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Jim Botts is a Missional Leader with extensive pastoral leadership experience in church planting, multi-site, and large church environments. His passion is to reproduce leaders through local churches who are missionally engaged in reaching communities. Jim and his wife Rose have three boys Stephen, Josiah and Daniel.