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3 Reasons Your Ideas Aren’t Accepted

Several years ago, I was super guilty of coming up with great ideas, but always seemed to be frustrated when they were not accepted by others. I thought they were GREAT ideas, but they often seemed to fall on deaf ears. I talk to young leaders, pastors, husbands and fathers all the time that run into the same challenges.  For those of you with those “golden ticket” ideas, here are 3 Reasons Your Ideas Aren’t Being Accepted:

They are your ideas. Work them into the conversation and allow people time to process and think. Allow them to be their ideas, not just yours. When the idea is their idea, it will be much more likely to grow legs and walk. Ask questions more than your offer solutions.

Your timing is off. When presenting new ideas, make sure the timing is right. Get buy in from the right people at the right time. Developing trust takes time, so make sure the timing is right.

Start small, go BIG. Instead of presenting three or four things to think about, present one. Better yet, ask a question instead of offering a solution. You’ll get that ownership you are looking for. Start with a small concept, and let it go BIG!

What are other reasons good ideas aren’t accepted?  Love to hear your thoughts!