How Do You Define Winning?

I was having lunch with some pastor friends of mine last week and we were discussing how the word “winning” has been taken over and probably changed for the worse by Charlie Sheen in recent days. We wondered aloud if winning will forever have a negative use and not be used by people as it once was.

Today, I’d like to raise the question: How do you define winning? Obviously, Charlie Sheen and many others throughout history have messed up ways of defining winning, but for those of us that follow Christ and His teachings – how do you define winning?

My gut reaction is that winning equals obedience OR obedience defines winning for me. Because I love Christ and hold His Word and His teachings in the highest regard, obedience to Him, His Word and the leading of His Holy Spirit are of paramount importance to me.

I’m currently going through a season in my life where my obedience is being tested and God is asking me if I will follow where He leads. I’m seeking to trust and obey and will share more about my journey with you in the future.

For now, I just want to reflect on what winning or success looks like for the Christian and especially a leader in the Church. How do you define winning?