MAG Bookkeeping

Need a bookkeeper? Current bookkeeper leaving? Can’t find an accounting report on Budget vs. Actual? Are you on top of your cash flow? Need financial oversight & counsel? Balance Sheet is not balanced? Going to a 2nd or 3rd campus and need help scaling your bookkeeping?

Emerging churches of all sizes (and larger ones too) often struggle with the cumbersome duties associated with bookkeeping. MAG works with churches that are pre-launch to in excess of several million in annual income/budget. MAG Bookkeeping performs bank reconciliation, accounts payable, and produces financial statements … all in an effort to reduce the possibility for fraud or mishandling of funds and bring you peace of mind. While leveraging significant technology, MAG eliminates the risk of inconsistencies in record-keeping. Our ministry-minded team knows church finance inside and out.

MAG Bookkeeping offers objective perspectives that produce insights which are vital for a church to reach its potential. We assign a team of outsourced bookkeepers, which costs you less than hiring a part-time bookkeeper on staff. Imagine reducing your staff costs and not needing to lead/develop another staff member.

Want more info? Watch a short video on MAG Bookkeeping HERE.

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Greg Atkinson is an author, speaker, consultant, and the Founder of the First Impressions Conference and Worship Impressions—both specializing in guest services and hospitality.