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6 Questions to Ask If You’re Always Worn Out

I’ve known a lot of people (myself included) that spin their wheels 100 miles an hour in life and in their career.  For a while, they manage to have success in life.  However, a few years go by at break-neck pace, and they look up and wonder why they are exhausted, burnt out, or just plain beat.  Stop!  Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are always worn out: 

1. Am I more tired than I should be? 

If you are constantly worn out beyond the norm, consider talking to a counselor or your doctor.  Everybody gets worn out, but if you don’t recover at all, there could be something serious going on. 

2. Am I over-committed? 

Don’t Miss

Last time we checked, you are not Chuck Norris, Spiderman, or Mother Teresa.  You can’t save the whole world today, so save some of it for the rest of us, huh?  Instead, look and see what is in your life that you may need to let go of for a season.  The Earth will most likely continue to spin…

3. Am I taking care of my body? 

I know guys that will treat their vehicle like a NASCAR pit crew member, with intensive maintenance, care, and upkeep.  These same guys will turn around and totally torture their bodies!  I know ladies that spend tons of energy fixing themselves up on the outside but ignore what exercise they get, what they put into their body or on their skin.  Go for a walk or start exercising.  Take care of your body!  You only get one here on Earth.

4. Am I resting? 

New medical research shows that a full day off once a week can completely renew the body, soul, and mind.  (This idea sounds familiar.)

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Chad Missildine is an executive coach, consultant and speaker serving business, government and non-profit leaders. Chad was a leader and pastor at Life.Church for 11+ years, coaching and training hundreds of Life.Church pastors and business leaders at 33+ locations. He served on the Life.Church Central leadership team, helping to shape culture and stewardship as the Central Director of Generosity. Chad also provided coaching and consulting for many churches and non-profits from around the globe. He manages a multi-million dollar real estate company and mentors entrepreneurs. You can connect with Chad at chadmissildine.com.