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Sharing Christ with "The Story"

Our friends at The Story have produced a great evangelism tool called ‘The Story’, which helps you talk through the gospel with people. It comes with links to this site where several of us explain various dimensions of the gospel. We are in the process of building our evangelism training around this stuff—Campus Outreach at our church is also beginning to use it.

Our goal is to develop a common evangelism language we use everywhere in our church so that people can very naturally talk through the gospel, and this is helping us to that end. The Story is a great tool to empower our people to share the gospel wherever they go. The most effective evangelism happens by the church in the community, not by the pastors in the church.

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J.D. Greear, Ph.D., is the President of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastors the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Tagged by Outreach magazine as one of the fastest growing churches in America, the Summit has grown in the past 8 years from 400 to over 5,000 each weekend. The Summit Church is deeply involved in global church planting, having undertaken the mission to plant 1000 churches in the next 40 years. J.D. has authored Breaking the Islam Code and the upcoming Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary.