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Dirty Feet: Why Receiving Christ's Love Changes Everything

Plot. Twist.

He pulled out a verse in John to focus on. The one where Simon Peter refuses to let Jesus wash his feet, and Jesus’ response to him.

No,” Peter protested, “you will never ever wash my feet!”

Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.”

Simon Peter had a point, and I’d probably have the same reaction. “Sorry, Jesus. You’re, you know…JESUS…and I am not going to let you wash my feet.” He felt unworthy to have his leader, someone who he saw as the coming Messiah, get down and clean his dirty feet.

How often do we feel the same way?

How often do we not want to let people in (or Jesus for that matter) because we feel we are burdening them with our dirty feet?


I tried to hold them back, but I couldn’t.

Tears started running down my face. Especially over the last year, I have felt like a walking weight. I’ve often likened it to thrashing in the middle of the ocean trying not to drown while my friends are all swimming to shore…I grab on to someone, we swim for a while, I see the shore, and I try to swim harder. I don’t want to push any of my friends down along the way, but I need to get to dry land. I don’t feel worthy enough to be carried much longer. And so much of the shame and guilt from my past has me keeping God’s all-restoring, all-perfecting love at arms’ length.

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