Hope of The Broken World

When we first started a church in Nashville I had people repeatedly tell me that local artists, especially Christian artists, would be too stuck up and cynical  to ever serve inside the church. People said, “They might attend from time to time but they’re too busy doing their own thing to contribute to the church.”

I’ve got to say in the almost nine years of Cross Point I’ve never found something to be so untrue in my life. We have artists that pull back into Nashville at 5:00 a.m. on a tour bus and step off the bus and come straight to Cross Point to volunteer playing for multiple services! We used to have a drummer who had a hard time getting up early enough for rehearsal so he would sleep in his car outside the church on Saturday night so we could wake him up on Sunday morning. Now that’s dedication.

The artists in Nashville, whether they be musicians, photographers, authors, songwriters, or vocalist, have been instrumental in what God has done here over the years.  They’ve contributed in so many unique and memorable ways.

I bring all of this up because two of my great friends from Cross Point, Todd Smith and Alan Hall, are the founding members of Selah and their latest CD came out yesterday.

They have to be the most humble,  down to earth guys I’ve ever met and I’m so proud of the way God is using them. They’ve sold  over 2.5-million-albums and have won the Dove Award for “Inspirational Album of the Year” four stinking times.

Selah’s latest album, Hope of the Broken World (Curb) is a celebration of the hope Todd Smith, Allan Hall and Amy Perry have discovered through surrender to God, and a testimony to the group’s collective desire to share these stories of hope with broken people through music.

With Hope of the Broken World, Selah recognizes their opportunity to relate with and help listeners heal through songs that poignantly contrast worldly hurt with spiritual hope. “We don’t know what people need when they put in a Selah CD, or when they come to a concert,” Amy humbly discloses. “We just want God to use us.” Allan agrees. “We have always wanted to comfort hurting souls. I wear it as a badge of honor that our fans are broken people who say our music speaks to them because we don’t shy away from loss or suffering.”

I’m so proud of my friends and super excited to be able to give away 5 Free copies of Hope Of A Broken World today.

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