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God Does Not Care About Our Timing

God does not care about our timing.

I am not so sure our five year plans impress Him too much. I’m not certain our sense of timing is too high on His concern.

We want it today. “Today” for him is this century.

We tell him our game plan and he thinks, “Wow, that is as BIG as you can dream.”

We look at things from our measly little perspective and think we can see it all. We can’t even see the tiniest sliver.

He, on the other hand snickers. Sometimes I think he may even be saddened by our lack of trust in his timing.

Meanwhile, we go nuts worrying and fretting, point to our watch and looking up to the sky with open arms asking, “Where are you God?”

All the while he is saying, “I am right here,” but we are too busy to hear. Sure, he gave us brains and yes he wants us to set goals, but does this make Him our puppet when it comes to the when and how?

Paul spend three years in Arabia after a powerful encounter with God before his ministry would begin. Moses? How would you like 40 years as a goat roper? Even Jesus spent 30 years “learning obedience” before beginning his public ministry. Our sense of timing is not that always as big of a deal to him. He cares way more about who we are becoming that what “work” we can provide.

And here we sit with our calendars and five year plans, pretending to tell the Creator of the Earth when to do things. Craziness.

Church leaders, take note, your church’s moment will come. Entrepreneurs, be patient and work hard. Parents, don’t be discouraged.
He knows what he is doing and has just a few years in us in the area of timing.

So don’t you think it might be time to give up control? It is that time for me.

Love to hear your thoughts- why is it so difficult to trust in God’s timing?

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Chad Missildine is an executive coach, consultant and speaker serving business, government and non-profit leaders. Chad was a leader and pastor at Life.Church for 11+ years, coaching and training hundreds of Life.Church pastors and business leaders at 33+ locations. He served on the Life.Church Central leadership team, helping to shape culture and stewardship as the Central Director of Generosity. Chad also provided coaching and consulting for many churches and non-profits from around the globe. He manages a multi-million dollar real estate company and mentors entrepreneurs. You can connect with Chad at chadmissildine.com.