Keep On, Keeping On

I know there are a lot of church planters, pastors, and volunteers who read this blog. I know that many of you are in situations where you’re setting up and taking down church each week. For the first 4 years of Cross Point we were doing four services in an elementary school which forced us to set up and take down each Sunday. It was exhausting to say the least.

With that in mind I thought you might need a little reminder today that what you do really matters!!

This is part of a post recently written by Tam Hodge, the wife of Brent Hodge whose the pastor of our Cross Point Hendersonville campus.

I know there are many who serve in this capacity with churches who set up and tear down every week. It can get tiresome. It can become very frustrating. In fact, you may have grown resentful. But let me offer you a word of encouragement…

You are not just getting up early – You are going before those who will show up for the first time to meet their Savior.

You are not just breaking a sweat – You are sweating in thanks to the One who purposed you to tell the nations.

You are not just setting up 150 chairs – You are providing a place for the wounded to come and sit in the lap of their Healer.

You are not “doing church” – You are creating an experience.

You are not clocking in and out – You are investing in lives!

For every chair you set out…For every crayon you put in a basket…For every coffee creamer you place in a bowl…For every cable you run across a gym floor to an amp…For every sign you hang…For each and everything your hands commit to you are creating an experience for those to come. You are creating an atmosphere for others to come into and rest. A place for God’s people to enter into to find hope, encouragement, friendship, counsel, healing…life. A safe place for others to meet God.

I know this is hard work. I am exhausted from serving today. I feel like I’ve done a months worth of P90X. And every single second of it is worth it. None of this is about us. It is about God and the ones He sent his son to love on.

So whether you hold babies, set up chairs, turn knobs on the sound board, preach you heart out, hand out programs or count the money in the back room please know that what you do REALLY MATTERS.

Keep it up!

Where do you serve in your local church?