Church Without You

One of the biggest lies told, and re-told by the Church is that in order to serve, individuals must be special in some way. We are told we need a seminary degree, or a counseling degree, or 18 years of experience, or a spouse, or any other number of prerequisites.

We are made to feel inadequate or inferior. We are often told that unless we are preaching from the pulpit, leading worship, or heading up a ministry, we have very little to offer.

Many churches are super-star factories, where people file in just to catch a glimpse of the rock star pastor or worship leader on stage. They then get back in their cars, drive home, and call it a day. This is not church.

More than that, this is not who or what God had in mind for each individual believer. Every one of us has a purpose, a plan, a gift, and role in and for the body.

But, do you know how special (sorry for using the word ‘special,’ it just seems to fit) you really are in the Church? Do you understand the need the Church has for YOU? Here is a list of questions to consider in determining whether or not you are being made to feel needed and necessary in your own church body…

• Would church happen any differently if you didn’t show up? If you were absent for a day, a week, months, would church run the same with or without you?

• Are you currently fulfilling your purpose (a.k.a. role, part, etc.) in the body of Christ? Do you even know your role in the body? Do you want to know?

• Do you feel part of an authentic spiritual family…not just a church congregation?

• Do you know and believe in the vision of your church body? Would you be able to communicate that vision to a stranger or inquirer at the drop of a hat?

• Are you making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples…?

This list of questions was actually comprised by my husband, who wrote them for our organic church material. The idea is to challenge individuals to consider whether or not their current church experience is fulfilling, they are being edified and edifying those around them, and whether or not they feel like an integral part of the body.

Do you feel like a necessary and vital part of the Church? How would you answer any or all of the questions above? Has the church ever made you feel inferior or less-than?