Born to Learn

Where should I be learning from? I’m not even sure if that question is proper English; however I do know that it’s a great question to ask. The answer to the question is this: “from a variety of places.” If we want to grow we must learn from many different places, especially places outside of our normal purview.

If you are in ministry and you are only learning from ministry books, people and stuff… you are missing out. If you are in sales and you are only learning from sales folks… you are missing out. If you are a coach and you only learn from coaches… you are missing out.

I learn from politicians, air line companies, restaurants, my wife, blogs, car commercials, shoe boxes, window shopping, people watching, my kids, television, Chick-fil-A, radio, culture, criminals, weather men, football coaches, girl blogs, fashion designers, marting gurus, Seth Godin, Target, road construction workers, babies, clouds, birds, from the Delta Flight Attendant that just said on behalf of Northwest Airlines…

You were Born to Learn. You don’t have to teach a baby to learn, that’s what they were born to do. Open your eyes, search for new people, places and things to learn from.

If you limit where you learn, you limit the potential of your growth.

What do you think?  

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Scott Williams served as a key leader and Campus Pastor for He is the Chief Solutions Officer for Nxt Level Solutions, a consulting company he founded to help businesses, non-profits and individuals with both internal and external growth. Scott is speaker, strategist, consultant and developer of leaders. He is an avid blogger at, and leverages Social Media to make a Kingdom impact. Scott is passionate about leadership development, organizational growth and diversity. He is the author of “Church Diversity – Sunday The Most Segregated Day Of The Week.” Scott is married, a father of two, and lives in Oklahoma City, OK.