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14 Ways to Handle a Christian Introvert

6. We can do anything an extrovert can do.

I’ve seen an entire spectrum of personalities take the “front stage” of church. Not every introvert is meant for “behind the scenes.”

Just coach us with extra grace.

7. We get super-tired around a lot of people.

My limit is about four hours, and then I actually get a headache from just hanging around human beings. My Sabbath rest is leave-me-alone-time with my non-judgmental dog.

Give us that time without trying to counsel us about it.

8. Don’t be offended if we don’t reply right away.

Sometimes when we see a Facebook invite to that next big church event, we let it sit there and think about it periodically throughout the week and then come back to it before committing.

We do the same thing with text messages, emails, phone calls and you showing up at the door.

9. Don’t be offended if you see me being extra talkative or friendly with someone else.

Sometimes introverts just interact with people in different ways. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you—it just means we choose to reveal that specific part of us to another pastor, another church buddy or that cool introvert I just met five minutes ago.

You should be cheering us for even opening up at all.