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5 Dating Tips for Married Couples

Quick quiz: When was the last time you and your spouse headed out for a really great date?

a. Last night—we had a blast!

b. In the last seven nights—so grateful to sneak away.

c. In the last two weeks—we need to do that more often!

d. In the last month—we try and make it a priority.

e. I can’t quite remember—our schedules fill up so quickly.

If you answered a) or b), you’re in the minority. If you answered c), d), or even e), you’re among the masses.

Despite the quiet promises we make, many times we can find ourselves consumed with each day’s demands, deadlines, and duties. Time, energy, and money for a romantic getaway may seem impossible and downright inconceivable.

But you can make a change. Commit today to dating your spouse and celebrating the gift of marriage once again. 

Here are 5 hot dating tips for married couples:

1. Take the initiative. Don’t wait for him to ask you out. Don’t wait until after she nags. Study your schedules and find a night that will work for both of you. Hire a babysitter or ask a neighbor or friend to take the kids for an evening. Plan on eating together—whether it’s a romantic dinner in or a nice evening out—and some sort of activity afterward. Go to the movies. Attend a concert. Take a walk. Make dessert together. The bottom line is: Be intentional about spending time together.

2. Plan a date around something your spouse loves to do. If he likes to play basketball, surprise him with two tickets to a local game. If she loves crafting, take her to a painting class. If he loves video games, take him (and a bag of quarters) to an arcade. If she loves animals, take her to apetting zoo or horseback riding. Make the date center around something your spouse enjoys—even if it’s not your favorite thing to do.

3. Plan a variety of dates. Don’t assume all dates need to break the bank. Plan romantic dates, cheap and easy dates, getting in shape dates, and even we’re-just-too-tired dates. Variety is the spice of life and will certainly spice up your marriage.

4. Be creative. Try a formal dinner in the park. Dress up, pack a tablecloth, candles, and classical music, and pick up food on the way. Try a blue highway date. Don’t take any four-lane roads or stop at chain restaurants. See what you can discover in a 50-mile radius of your home. Have a window-shopping date but with a different twist. Look and pick out all the things you already have. Turn this into a “grateful” date.

5. Remember the importance of dates. For married couples, dating helps you be intentional and to focus on each other. Dating helps to build your friendship and keeps your relationship alive and growing. Don’t talk about work, kids, or your in-laws. Focus just on you. If you want to energize your marriage, keep your dates just about the two of you. Spend time during your date asking the 10 Questions That Will Transform Your Marriage Forever. Commit to doing this each month.

Marriage doesn’t mean dating ends. Challenge yourself today to make a date with your spouse in the coming week.

What dating tips do you have for couples?